How to repair wicker care furniture

Caring for woven furniture; finishing and refinishing it

Rattan and willow wicker can be washed with soapy water, using a soft brush for crevices. If either becomes brittle, drenching with water helps to restore it. Rush, sea grass, or fiber (twisted paper) should only be wiped now and then with a damp cloth.

If rattan or willow has accumulated many coats of unsightly paint, consider having it stripped by a professional. To do the job yourself, work outdoors and use a semipaste stripper; scrub it off with a stiff bristle brush dipped into detergent and water.

For a light natural finish, apply polyurethane or clear lacquer. For a darker finish, use stain. You can also paint wicker.

Paint or a clear finish should be sprayed on for best results. Work outdoors on a warm, dry day. Do the underside first. Apply two or three thin coats. Allow each to dry thoroughly.