How to repair tub shower enclosures fix

Tub-shower enclosures fixing chips in molded bathroom units

Before fixing a chip in a molded fiberglass or acrylic tub or shower enclosure, check to see whether the unit is under warranty. Most are guaranteed for a year; some up to 10. If yours is covered, contact your contractor.

If you decide to undertake the job, write to the unit’s manufacturer for a kit containing materials, directions and, sometimes, a special aerosol sprayer. Look for the maker’s name on the unit’s base or near the drain. Get the address from a fixture or plumbing supply dealer.

The repair involves filling the cavity with a polyester putty mixed with hardener. After sanding the patch, you spray it six or seven times with a liquid resin mixed with a thinner and a catalyst. You finish by sanding with fine paper and rubbing compound. The chemicals are strong smelling, requiring good ventilation.