How to remove wallpaper quickly easily and cleanly

Getting ready for a new finish

Peel off vinyl wallpaper. Use a utility knife to free an upper corner; then slowly pull it straight down with the wallpaper almost against itself. Other coverings may strip off easily: always test. Leave the textured paste residue; it forms a good basis for new paste.

Soak off paper that won’t strip off. Abrade a nonporous or painted surface with ex t racoa rse sandpaper first. Wear rubber gloves and sponge an entire strip with wallpaper stripping solution. After 10 minutes, rewet a small area and scrape with a wide scraper. Wet the next strip in advance. Scrub off remnants with a strong detergent.

For stubborn paper, rent a steamer from a wallpaper dealer. Hold the flat, perforated steam plate to each area for 2 or 3 minutes. When you’ve soaked half a strip, scrape it off.

On plasterboard, soak or steam moderately. If it wasn’t painted previously, scrape the paper off dry, using a razor-edge wallpaper scraper.