How to relieve stress in 60 seconds

Need a quick cure for stress? Look no further.

Close your eyes and make yourself feel a wave of relaxation that starts at your head and goes down to your toes.

Munch on a rice cake, piece of fruit, or other snack in small bites that you take precisely every 10 seconds.

Close your eyes and visualize your greatest achievement.

See if you can point your finger or a pencil at something for 60 seconds without shaking.

Close your eyes and take slow, deep breaths. As you do this, visualize the air coming in and going out.

Try to stand several coins on edge.

Suck on a hard candy and think only of its flavor.

Pick an age between 5 and 25. Try to remember where you lived at that age and who your friends were. What was your daily routine?

Make a paper airplane and sail it across the room.

Listen to the sound of something nearby – the air conditioner, traffic, or similar sound. Close your eyes and try to turn it into a soothing sound.

Give your pet a 60-second scratch.