How to relax with music, sounds and sites

What is soothing to the senses will soothe the nerves as well. Enjoying beautiful places and sounds is an easy way to calm yourself. Taking a walk in the park will let you look and listen instead of thinking and worrying. Also effective is walking through a local aquarium or taking a stroll in the open countryside.

Music hath charms. One way to quiet yourself is to listen to music with a tempo just slightly slower than your heart rate. Classical suggestions include Bach’s Brandenburg Concerto no. 4, 2nd movement; Bach’s Orchestral Suite no. 2; and Ravel’s Mother Goose Suite, 1st movement. New Age stores may also be able to help you find relaxing instrumental music.

Wind chimes can be soothing, if you appreciate their gentle, random melodies. Aluminum or copper chimes, tubular in shape and 12 to 18 inches long, produce the most pleasing sounds.

Consider a video nature tour. Relaxation has entered the electronic age with the introduction of these videotapes. Large video stores and some direct-mail catalogs offer a wide selection of tours showing national parks and other scenic wonders.

Time off – whether a two-week vacation or a weekend trip – is usually very effective in reducing stress. If you are planning time off because you need to unwind, be sure you don’t overschedule yourself. Allow for lazy time on a beach or just rambling through the countryside.