How to reduce line drag on a boat

An additional line dragged aft of the towed craft will reduce its tendency to yaw. In extreme cases, add a sea anchor to the end of the line dragging behind the boat In distress. Don’t tow a disabled craft into a crowded anchorage where wind, tide or current may cause the towed boat to collide with others.

Instead, have the disabled boat drop anchor. Then remove its passengers if necessary.

Hardware on some production boats is made up of cheap castings which may snap under stress. If you have any reason to be doubtful as to the strength of towing bits or eyes, or if you do not feel that the fittings are sufficiently secured, exercise extreme caution. Move all of your passengers to a protected area in a cabin or up on a foredeck. With smaller, open craft, have them get down on the floorboards. A broken towing line –or worse yet, a line with a piece of broken hardware secured to it may under certain conditions be as lethal as a bullwhip or a missile.