How to play twenty questions

A guessing game

In Twenty questions or Animal, Vegetable. or Mineral, as it is also called-one player secretly selects a person, animal, or object to be guessed and writes it down for later verification. The remaining players then take turns trying to guess the secret subject by asking questions that can be answered “yes” or “no.” (“I don’t know” and “partly” are also allowable answers.)

The first question is usually “Is it an animal (or vegetable or mineral)?” The remaining questions should gradually narrow down the possibilities until the secret subject is guessed.

The player who guesses correctly gets to pick the secret subject for the next game. If no one guesses the subject within the limit of 20 questions, the same player begins the new game.

Twenty Questions can also be played by two players or two teams. Record the number of questions each player or team asked before guessing the secret subject. The lowest score wins.