How to play rules to hopscotch

A playground game: hopping over scotched (scored) lines. Using a stick, scratch a numbered hopscotch pattern of nine compartments on a 10- to 15-foot length of bare ground. Or chalk it on pavement.

Standing in front of space 1, toss a stone into it. Hop on one foot into space 1, pick up the stone, and hop back to the starting point. Now toss the stone into space 2, hop into space 1, then 2; retrieve the stone and hop back to the starting point, one space at a time. Continue this routine until you reach space 9; from there hop back, one space at a time, to space 1. You lose your turn to an opponent if the stone doesn’t land in the proper space; if you put both feet down; or if your foot or stone lands on a line. After your opponents have had their turns, pick up where you left off. The first player to make a round-trip wins. Worldwide there are many variations on this basic game.