How to play rules of card game hearts

A game in which minus is a plus. Ideally four play hearts. The object of the traditional game is to end up with no hearts. Each player gets 50 chips. Deal all cards singly to the left. Cards rank from ace high to 2 low.

The player to the dealer’s left leads, placing a card faceup on the table; if others can’t follow suit, they must discard one of another suit (preferably a high heart). The player of the highest card of the suit led takes the trick; he also leads next.

When all cards have been played, players with hearts get a point for each one; they must put a chip in the pool for each heart. The player with no hearts wins the pool. If others have no hearts, the pool is divided and odd chips are carried to the next pool. If all players have hearts, the pool is untouched and added to the pool for the next hand. The game is 100 points; the player with the lowest score wins.