How to play go fish

A card game for young children. If two are playing, deal each player seven cards, one at a time. (If there are three to six players, deal five cards to each.) Place the remaining cards facedown on the table to form a stockpile. Your opponent then asks you for cards of a certain rank, providing he or she is holding at least one card of that rank. For example, your opponent may say, “Give me your sixes.” You must then give up all your sixes. If you have none, say “Go fish,” and your opponent takes the top card of the stockpile.

Your opponent keeps playing as long as he or she gets the requested cards either from you or, showing the card as proof, from the stockpile. When he or she doesn’t, its your turn. If you get four matching cards (a book), place them faceup on the table. When no more cards remain in the stockpile and neither player can make any more books, the game is over. The player with the most books wins.