How to play and the rules of jacks

A game for nimble fingers. You play this game with a small rubberball and six multipronged metal or plastic jacks. Start by dropping the jacks onto a flat surface all at once. Using only one hand, toss the ball in the air, pick up a jack, and catch the ball after one bounce. Set the jack aside.

Toss ball up. Keep picking up one jack at a time until you have all six. This is called ones. Next, in twos, pick up two jacks each time and in threes, three. In fours, pick up four and two, and in fives, five and one, in either order. Last, in sixes, pick up all six.

You lose your turn if you fail to pick up all the required jacks, don’t catch the ball after one bounce, or touch any jack other than the ones you pick up. When your turn comes again, start at the level at which you last played. The first to complete all six levels wins.