How to play and the rules of handball

A game for fast reflexes. Two or four can play handball. An official court and ball are required for four-wall handball. Using a tennis ball, you can play a one-wall game against any wall. In both versions, the object is to strike the ball with either hand, bouncing it off the front wall in a way that prevents your opponent from returning it.

The server stands in the service zone, bounces the ball, and hits it. It comes off the wall and must bounce in the back court-unless the receiver returns the ball before it bounces. The returned ball must hit the front wall without bouncing, although in fourwall handball it may carom off the side walls or ceiling.

Players or pairs hit the ball alternately until one misses. If the server misses, the opponent gains the serve. If the opponent misses, the server gets a point. The game is 21.