How to play anagrams word game

Any number from two to eight can play anagrams. A set of 200 anagram tiles is needed, each bearing a letter on one side.

If you do not have a set of tiles, you can substitute two sets of Scrabble tiles or make your own from 3 x 5 index cards. Cut the cards into eighths and print a letter on one side of each piece. The number of tiles for each letter should be roughly in proportion to the frequency that the letter is used in English. Here is one way of doing it:

A 15 — J 2 — S 12

B 4 — K 2 — T 14

C 6 — L 8 — U 8

D 8 — M 5 — V 4

E 20 — N 14 — W 4

F 5 — Q 15 — X 2

G 4 — P 4 — Y 5

H 8 — Q 2 — Z 2

I 12 — R 15

Place the tiles face down on a table, leaving the center of the table clear.

Going around the table, each player turns over one tile and places it in the center of the table. The object is to spot a word of at least four letters from the turned-over tiles.

Any player to spot a word calls it out (whether it is his turn or not), removes the tiles from the center, and sets up the word in front of him. A word can be captured from another player by adding one letter or more from the center stockpile to the word to form a new one. The first player to assemble 10 words wins. If all the tiles are used before anyone has 10 words, the player with the most words wins.