How to play adult volleyball

On a court roughly 30 x 60 feet, a six-player team tries to hit a 26-inch ball over a net 8 feet high and into the opponent’s court. A player may strike the ball with his hand, arm, or any part of his body above his waist. The team to score 15 points first (with at least a 2-point advantage) wins. Only the serving team scores.

End line

Each court has a 10-foot attack or frontline area. Three players cover that area while three cover the rear 20 feet. Players rotate positions clockwise with each point gained. The server stands in the service area behind the right-hand third of the end line. Holding the ball in one hand, he gives it an underhand blow with his fist. The ball must clear the net: if it brushes the top (net ball), the team loses the serve. (A net ball during a play is good. ) The opponents try to prevent the ball from landing by hitting it back. If they can’t, the server’s team scores a point and serves again. If the server’s team can’t return the ball, the opponents gain the serve.

A player may not catch or hold the ball or hit it twice in succession, but he can pass (volley) it to a teammate. The ball must go over the net by the third pass. The main purpose of the volley is to set up a spike, a hard-toreturn downward smash into the op- posite court. To prevent a spike from landing, opposing front liners may jump up and reach above the net to block the ball.