How to pick up or handle a pet bird

To pick a bird up in its cage, grasp it by its body with its neck between your first and second fingers. Move quickly and firmly. If you let the bird out of the cage, close all doors and windows in the room and leave the cage door open.

Should you have trouble getting a bird back into its cage, darken the room. This will calm the bird and allow you to pick it up more easily. If necessary, drop a lightweight cloth over it.

Never let a canary out of its cage, as it may panic. Budgies should have about 30 minutes of free flight a day. Allow your budgie out of its cage only after it is used to being handled. Begin by putting your hand into the cage and scratching the bird’s head. When it gets used to this, press your forefinger gently against its breast and try to get it to hop onto your finger.