How to organize a suitcase for travel?

Layer clothes in the following sequence: trousers at the bottom; heavy dresses and skirts; jackets; shirts, ties, light dresses, and sweaters: and lingerie on top. Tuck underwear in corners and crannies.

To pack a jacket, button it and place it face down with its collar against the bottom edge of the suitcase. Fold the sleeves in toward the center back. Place shirts or sweaters on top: fold the jacket bottom over them.

Put shampoo and other liquids in leak proof plastic bottles filled three-quarters full. Use a rubber-lined kit or cosmetic bag for toiletries. Don’t pack matches, cigarette lighters, or spray cans in luggage you plan to check.

Remove old destination tags. Put an identification tag on each bag; inside tape a business card or a label with your name, address, and phone number. Mark luggage with tape or yarn so that you can recognize it in the baggage-claim area.