How to noise sound proof your house

Most sound enters homes through the windows – open or shut. If your house has a wooden framework, it can also transmit sound. Keep these hints in mind when you remodel your home:

Your first step should be to use caulk and putty to seal gaps around vents and windows – any place where sound can sneak in. More elaborate steps won’t do much good unless you do this first.

Add whole-house (central) air-conditioning. While a window-mounted air conditioner will let you close windows to block outside noise, central air-conditioning will do the same and is much quieter.

Install storm windows. The best results come from exterior storm windows with heavy glass and good weather stripping. But don’t overlook interior storm windows, which are inexpensive and easy to install.

Install solid entrance doors. A good door that fits tightly, is surrounded by weather stripping, and has a good storm door with it will block four times as much noise as a hollow door with no storm door.

Put a damper or a flap on air ducts or laundry vents.

Don’t let your dog stay outside if it barks; your neighbors don’t like noise pollution, either.