How to make your workshop comfortable

While the workshop is primarily a place of utility, it need not be austerely rugged. On the contrary, you can make it a cheerful retreat for yourself when you are working, and at the same time a place where a friend or a member of the family can feel welcome to drop in for a chat or to give a helping hand.

If you like music while you work, include a small radio, or television set.

Another worthwhile addition is a microwave. This plate can be used for warming the glue pot, etc. if too chilled-but it can ‘ also serve a pleasurable purpose by enabling you to make a pot of coffee or tea or whatever your favorite hot beverage is. A snack while working with your tools-whether alone or with a companion -helps make the task lighter.

In the two following chapters are given the basic hand tools and power tools, with additional information on how to make a home workshop which is best suited for the family’s handy-work.