How to make your own light moisturizer cream

Mix equal parts of vegetable glycerin and rose water or any herbal water. To make an after-shave lotion, add a dash of witch hazel or bay rum.

Cleansing cream Put 2 cups mineral oil and 1/2 cup white beeswax (an all-beeswax candle, cut in slivers, may be your best source) into the top of a double boiler and gently heat until the beeswax melts. Let cool to 120°F In a separate pan, heat 1 cup water to 120°F; add 11/2 tablespoons powdered borax; stir gently until it dissolves. Then slowly pour the water and borax mixture into the oil and wax mixture, stirring all the while.

Cool the mixture until it starts to solidify, then pour it into jars. Yields about 3 cups.