How to make place mats from fabric?

Place mats must be sturdy enough to form a stable base for dishes and utensils. Reversible quilted material is especially suitable; or use two layers of firmly woven fabric back to back. Avoid slippery or very thin fabrics.

Each mat should measure at least 10 x 15 inches to provide sufficient space for a place setting. An oval works well for a round or oval table, a rectangle for a rectangular table. Add 5/8 inch all around for seam allowances.

Stitch two fabric layers right sides together, leaving a 4-inch opening in one edge. Trim the seam allowances to half; trim the corners diagonally or clip V’s from the curves. Press the seam allowances flat, then press them
open. Turn the place mat right side out, pushing out comers and bringing the seamlines out to the edges. Slipstitch the opening closed. Press the mat flat.

To finish quilted fabric or a single layer, use 1/2 inch double-fold bias tape. Begin binding at the center of one side. At the end,. turn under the tape 1/2 inch; wrap it around the beginning, and stitch.