How to make christmas wreaths

To make a traditional Christmas wreath, collect evergreen branches or use the lower branches of your Christmas tree. Stand them in water for a day or two. For the base, use a 12-inch wire hoop made from a wire hanger or other heavy-gauge wire.

Clip two or three evergreen sprigs 8 to 12 inches long and tie them in a bunch with thin wire. Attach the end of a spool of thin wire to the hoop, then wrap it around the base of the sprigs. Wire another bunch of sprigs behind the first one. Wire a third bunch in place with the tips covering the ends of the first stems.

Continue around the hoop, striving for a full, even massing of greens. Decorate the wreath with a bow and Christmas ornaments, pinecones, or small toys.

For a wreath of small dried flowers, you can use the same wiring technique. If the (lowers are very brittle, spray them lightly with water.

For a beautiful wreath to enjoy all year round, gather bare grape vines and soak them until pliant. Choose a long vine for the base. Bend the thick end into a circle and wrap the thinner end around it. Push the thick end of a second vine into the circle, then wrap the thin end around the vines already in place. Continue adding vines until the wreath is several inches thick. If desired, decorate it with dried flowers, seed pods, nuts, or ribbon bows.