How to make an overseas phone call with or without an operator

You can save money on your overseas calls if you dial direct. Look up the country and city codes in your telephone directory. Dial the International Access Code (011), the country code, the city code, then the local number.

For instance, to call London, dial 011 plus 44 (country code for the United Kingdom), plus 1 (city code), then the local number.

When using a Touch-tone phone, first push the # button to get quicker service. To charge your call to a third number, to call person-to-person collect, or to use a calling card, dial 01 or 0 and ask the operator to put the call through. Also dial 0 for operator assistance if you need help in completing a call, if you want credit for a wrong number, or if you need a city code not listed in your directory.

If you have the name and address of your party but not the phone number, dial the operator to get it free of charge. Then dial the number direct.