How to make a work table

An extra table, if there is room for it in the workshop, is a great convenience for the handyman. You can build this easily; the first consideration is that it be simple and strong. The size will, of course, depend on the space you have available; but generally a table 5 feet long x 2 feet wide fills the needs of a workshop well.

First build the framework of the legs. You don’t need to buy new wood for these; if you have some strong pieces of used lumber, they can be cut for the framework. For extra strength, a lengthwise cross-strip is nailed on the two strips between the legs under both ends of table.

For the top do not use wood that is too soft, because you’ll be doing a good deal of repairing and making things on the surface of this work bench, and it will have to take punishment. Plane the surface and edges smooth.

All you need for this work table are the wood, saw, nails, hammer, and plane, and it is just about the easiest thing for the home workman. This table doesn’t have to be confined to workshop or basement -by using better grade of wood, then applying a stain or paint, this table of simple lines can have many uses in other rooms of the house.