How to make a scarecrow for your garden?

Birds soon recognize a scarecrow as an empty threat. But an imaginatively outfitted figure can provide a cheerful centerpiece for your garden.

You can make a scarecrow by putting old clothes on a frame consisting of an 8- to 10-foot upright and a 3- to 5-foot crosspiece. Select clothing that is easy to attach, such as a one-piece union suit, overalls and a shirt, or a long dress. Bright, eye-catching colors make a scarecrow stand out. Durable fabrics weather better.

Fit the frame members through the clothing; then nail them together. Bury the upright 2 feet in firmly tamped soil. Then stuff the clothing with straw. Use twine to tie off openings and to tie clothing together.

To make a head, slip panty hose over the top of the upright, stuff it with fine straw. and tie off the bottom. Draw on facial features with markers. Or pin on fabric cutouts. Add a hat, a kerchief, and gloves.

If you want to be certain of scaring away marauders, surround your statuary with a noisy display of pie plates.