How to lift free weights bodybuilding

Exercising with free weights

If you’re over 30 or have not been exercising regularly, consult a doctor before beginning weight training. Consider joining a gym where a qualified coach can devise a program for you. To train at home, buy a barbell and dumbbell set and, if possible, an exercise bench. Begin an exercise with a light weight that you can lift eight times in a row (or for one set of eight repetitions or reps). Over a few weeks, progressively increase the reps in a set to 10 or 12; then add up to 10 percent more weight and start again at eight reps. A beginner’s workout includes one or more sets for each of 12 exercises. To increase muscle size and strength, do fewer reps with heavier weights: for tone and endurance, do more reps with lighter weights.

Train three times a week on nonconsecutive days. Warm up before a session (see Exercises). Rest 2 minutes between sets.

Two basic exercises

Clean and press.Lift, or clean, the weight by straightening your legs. then your back. Continue the lift with your ai then snap your elbows in and under the bar, bringing it to shoulder level. For the press, lift the barbell straight overhead. Reverse the procedure to lower the weight.


Clean and press the barbell; lower it onto your shoulders. Keeping your back straight, squat until your thighs parallel the floor, then recover.