How to juggle; the secret of juggling

Keeping balls in the air. The first rule of juggling is never to look at your hands. To acquire this basic skill, practice tossing a ball from hand to hand, keeping your hands at about waist level so that the crest of the arc-the spot where the ball seems to hang in midair for a split second be fore it begins to fall-is directly before your eyes. Concentrate on this spot.
Catch the ball in the palm of your cupped hand; toss it by letting it roll off your fingertips.

When you can do this about 200 times with out looking at your hands, begin working on a simple circle pattern: toss the ball up with your right hand and catch it in your left, then toss it back across your body at waist level. Do this 200 times without missing; then reverse directions and do 200 more.

When you are adept with one ball, try two. Start with one in each hand. Toss one and pass the other quickly to the throwing hand. As the first crests (begins to fall) toss the second. Catch the first, pass it, and-as the second crests-toss the first again. When you can do this 100 times in each direction, try one-handed circles with each hand: toss each ball just as the other begins to fall. Vary the rhythm byvarying the height of the toss. Shift to a piston pattern: toss each ball straight up in turn, moving your hand back and forth between them.

Circle Piston

To juggle three balls in a crisscross pattern, start with two in your right hand and one in your left. Toss the first from your right hand. As it crests, toss the ball in your left hand so that it rises beneath the first to crest at the same height; then catch the first ball. Toss the last ball as the second crests, and so on.