How to install/hang a basketball backboard

You can install a basketball backboard on the outside of your garage or house in just a few hours. Kits are available from hardware stores, home centers, or mail-order houses. Get one with a universal mounting bracket that can be attached to a flat wall, a slanted roof, or even a pole.

Locate the backboard so that it faces a level, paved surface that is safe from obstructions and traffic. Use lag bolts to fasten the bracket into structural framing members such as wall studs or roof rafters, or bolt 2 x 4s to the wall and bolt the bracket to the boards. Caulk any holes that puncture the wall or roof.

To install the backboard to the universal bracket, simply insert the supplied bolts between the bracket and backboard and tighten the nuts with a wrench. Check the unit with a level and make any needed adjustments. Play ball!