How to install weather stripping

Sealing air leaks around doors and windows

Weatherproof thresholds, door shoes, and door sweeps are available to keep air from entering under a door. The simplest to install is a door sweep. Screw it to the inside bottom edge of an inward-swinging door; to the outside bottom edge of an outward-swinging door. Adjust the sweep so that it’s flush with the floor.

Before sealing a door, make sure it fits in its frame. Mount V or spring-metal strips on the jambs. Cut the strip on the lock side to accommodate the strike plate. Tubular vinyl strips can be fastened to the face of the stop molding. Heavy-duty stripping is available for garage doors.

Weather stripping windows

Seal double-hung windows by applying self-adhesive plastic V-strips or by nailing spring-metal strips at the places shown in color. Don’t cover the pulleys (unless you use a pulley-seal kit that doesn’t obstruct the window).

Tubular or foam-filled vinyl stripping is self-adhesive or fastened with nails; it’s always visible. With the window closed, fasten strips to the outside bottom edge of the lower sash and to the outside top edge of the upper sash. Mount a strip under the upper sash against its inside edge. Add strips to the blind stops for the upper sash; to the parting strips for the lower sash.