How to handle report obscene telephone calls

How to deal with them

If you answer the phone and the caller says nothing. breathes heavily, or makes obscene. harassing. or threatening remarks, say nothing. Hang up quickly and quietly. Any expression of anger, fear, or disgust-even slamming down the phone-may encourage him to call again.

Instruct your children to do the same. Tell them never to say that their parents aren’t at home but instead to say, “My mother can’t come to the phone right now. Can she call you back?” No one should give a name, address, or any other information to an unknown caller.Tell no one outside the household about such calls; they may come from someone you know, and word of your annoyance may bring more calls.

If the calls continue, inform your telephone company’s service representative; or check the front of your directory for a special number to call. The phone company can work with the police to help solve the problem.