How to grow oleanders

For a bright-flowered hedge or specimen planting

Oleanders are fast-growing shrubs with narrow evergreen leaves and large flower clusters of red, pink, yellow, cream, or white. Semi tender (they survive brief exposure to temperatures of 18 degrees F”), they must have full sun and warmth to bloom profusely. They can stand drought, salt spray, and smog, and will grow up to 20 feet high in most well-drained soil.

Oleanders need little care other than pruning in late winter to eliminate weak branches. They can tolerate more severe pruning, and thus make good hedges; because flowers are borne on the current year’s growth, none are lost by pruning. In cold areas, grow oleanders in tubs outdoors and bring them indoors for the winter. Keep them in a cool greenhouse or a cool, light, well-ventilated cellar, and give little or no water. Allow the soil to become nearly dry between waterings.

Caution: All parts of the plant,if eaten, are poisonous. Warn children against them.