How to give yourself a perm permanent wave at home?

Before waving your hair, get a haircut or trim split ends. If you want to color your hair as well, do the permanent first, then the coloring (a home-permanent kit tells you how long to it between the processes).

There are kits for colored and frosted hair: if your hair is color treated, consult a hairdresser before using one.

Your permanent-wave kit will contain an alkaline waving solution, which softens the hair shaft so that it conforms to the shape of the curling rods: a neutralizing solution, which sets the hair into its new curls: and a detailed instruction sheet. Some kits also provide curling rods. If you have to purchase them separately, be sure to buy enough to set all of your hair.

Look at your instruction sheet a day or so before you intend to do the permanent and be certain you have all the items you will need: towels, plastic gloves, a nonmetal comb, endpapers, and a smock to protect clothing. The length of time you leave the waving lotion on your hair is crucial to the success of a permanent. Different kinds of hair absorb the waving solution at different rates.

Caution: If the chemicals are left on too long, they can severely damage your hair.

To determine the right timing for you. do a strand test 24 hours before you do the permanent, following the kit instructions. If a patch test for aI-lergles is recommended, do this at the same time. If your scalp has a sore or is inflamed, delay your permanent until the condition has healed.

Choose a time for your permanent when there will be no distractions. Take the telephone off the hook. Ask a dextrous friend to help you roll your curls. Take precautions to keep the lotion out of your eyes, and throw away any that’s left over: it can’t be reused.

Your permanent should last from 3 to 6 months, depending on the degree of curl and the length of your hair.