How to get rid of wrinkles face

How to prevent premature facial wrinkles and sagging skin. Facial wrinkles occur naturally with advancing age. Elastin and collagen fibers deteriorate, making skin less flexible, and oil and sweat glands become less active, making the skin drier. Also fat beneath the skin often shrinks, causing sagging.

The age when wrinkles begin to appear varies and has much to do with heredity. People with fair skin break down sooner than those with darker complexions. Typically, wrinkles appear first around the eyes, above the upper lip, and on the neck.

Cosmetic creams can soften and lubricate, but their effect on wrinkles is superficial and temporary. Plastic surgeons and dermatologists can remove wrinkles for longer periods with cosmetic surgery, chemical peeling, or the injection of augmenting material beneath them: all involve risks.

Delaying the formation of wrinkles From an early age on, stay out of the sun as much as possible and always use a sunscreen when out of doors. Also avoid smoking; it has been linked to premature wrinkling partly because it lessens circulation to surface capillaries.

Habitual contraction of facial muscles due to stress can also cause premature wrinkling. Several times a day, take a moment to relax your facial muscles. Be aware of frowning and smooth out your forehead.

To prevent crow’s feet caused by squinting, be sure that your vision is properly corrected and that you wear sunglasses when you’re on the water, at the beach, or in snow.

Keep your hands away from your face. Sitting with your chin on your hand, pushing your face out of its natural position, or rubbing your eyes can stretch delicate skin.

Losing weight too quickly or constantly alternating weight gain with weight loss can cause skin to sag. So, too, can improper dental hygiene and care (the jawbone structure decreases). And poor posture can emphasize wrinkling and sagging that already exist.