How to get rid of hives

Relieving their itching. Hives are smooth, usually red swellings, ranging from small to saucer size rounds, that itch and bum. Most are an allergic response to food or medicine, sometimes to dust or pollen. An insect bite or sting can cause hives, as can an individual’s sensitivity to sun, cold, light, or pressure (as from a watchband). Hives can even be the first symptom of hepatitis B, for which your doctor can test. Hives may appear and disappear within hours.

Home remedies include cold compresses, calamine lotion, a paste of baking soda and water, or for large areas, a lukewarm bath with 2 cups of old-fashioned laundry starch added. An over-the-counter antihistamine pill maybe helpful.

Recurrent hives may require working with an allergist to determine the cause. Giant hives that swell eyes, lips, tongue, or throat are an emergency; get immediate treatment by a physician or an ambulance team.