How to fix hidef antenna problems

Antenna problems in suburbia are minimized by the wide open spaces; metropolitan troubles are complex.

If anyone needs to handle 95 per cent of home antenna problems are normal handyman house tools, ability and a drop or two of steeplejack blood.

One word of caution at this point. Working on a roof can be dangerous. You must observe strict safety first. Falls are the largest form of home accidents. When you are on a roof, and I don’t mean to be facetious, take every precaution so you won’t fall off.

A second danger on roofs is the wires. Some carry lethal electricity, others might trip you. If you do go on your roof be sure it is in bright daylight so you can see and steer clear of all wires.

A third danger to watch out for is dilapidated masonry. Before you attach any mounts to any masonry be sure it is strong enough to hold it I hope I came across on these very important points.

Once you have the roof situation under control, the rest is purely mechanical. Antenna considerations break down into three categories. Installation, maintenance, and troubleshooting.