How to fix a waffle iron buy

Checking and replacing wires, thermostat, and heating coil

If the top and bottom grill plate don’t heat, unplug the unit. Unclip the grill plate from the iron’s shell, then unscrew and remove the element tray. Inspect the wires in the shell for breaks; check the terminals for corrosion. If replacements are necessary, remove the two heating-unit connecting nuts or screws; if they are frozen, apply penetrating oil. Replace the old wire with a duplicate; clean connectors with fine steel wool.

Further heating problems may be caused by a defective thermostat. Test it for continuity; replace it with a duplicate from the manufacturer or from an appliance repair center.

If the wires and thermostat are not at fault, test the heating coil. Attach a continuity tester’s clip to the coil near a terminal; touch the tester’s probe to the other coil end. If the tester doesn’t light, inspect the wiring under the element tray; it maybe broken or loose. Replace the coil with a duplicate.

Stretch the replacement coil by pulling its ends apart slowly so that the coils are evenly spaced and its total length is just shorter than needed to make the loop. Carefully thread the coil around the ceramic insulators so that it doesn’t kink or stretch. Connect the coil ends to the terminals, replace washers, and tighten screws. Plug the power cord into a receptacle to test. Replace grill plates.