How to Find and Hire Baby Sitters

There are about a million persons who do baby-sitting in the United States. Most baby-sitters are teenagers and fortunately they usually like youngsters, but the parent must remember that a baby-sitter is not the parent and therefore there are definite limits that must be set for the baby-sitter. Baby-sitters should not be asked to perform the functions of a nurse or doctor.

A new baby-sitter should be given an orientation talk which will include information about what the child likes, how the home is run, situations the baby-sitter is to he particularly alerted to. especially those that are likely to result in accidents. But, of course, the most important lesson you must get across to the baby-sitter is that his or her main job is to watch the child, so that you will find your child safe when you return home.

When you have special instructions, put them in writing. Such writing should include your policy of not permitting the baby-sitter to have visitors or to monopolize the telephone. Write out very clearly specific or extra chores that you may want the baby-sitter to perform. Of course other information should be written down, and this includes the following:

  • Important Telephone Numbers:
  • Where parents can be reached
  • Where doctor can be reached
  • Close friend or neighbor
  • Police Department: Dial “Operator”
  • Fire Department: Dial “Operator”
  • Special Information Bedtime
  • Meal (or snack) time
  • TV rules for children
  • Other Things Your Baby-sitter Should Know.
  • Names (and nicknames) of children Sleeping arrangements
  • Where clothing and special equipment are kept Favorite stories, games, and activities
  • Where the children play
  • Special habits or problems of children Sitter’s privileges (TV, radio, refrigerator)