How to do a backstroke swimming

If you get tired while swimming, switch to the elementary backstroke, as it’s properly called. Float on your back with your palms facing downward and your toes pointed. Bring your hands up to armpit level and extend your arms straight out, with your hands slightly above shoulder level. Rotate your palms perpendicular to the water surface. At the same time, bend your legs so that your heels come directly below your knees.

Pull your hands in to your thighs. Rotate your toes outward and thrust with the legs, making a semicircle. Your hands and feet should return to the starting position simultaneously. When your glide begins to slow, repeat the motions.

Back-crawl stroke – This is an upside-down version of the crawl stroke. Float on your back, palms facing your thighs. Raise one arm out of the water, rotating your palm outward by the time your arm is extended above your shoulder.

Lower your arm backward into the water. As your arm enters the water, it should be slightly outside your shoulder. At a depth of about 6 inches, pull your hand toward your thigh. When one arm enters the water, begin the same stroke with your other arm. Kick your legs, which mainly act as stabilizers, with your toes pointed. Only your toes should break the surface of the water.