How to determine or find out your net worth

Finding out how much money you are worth

To determine your net worth, first list all your assets at their current value. Include checking and savings accounts,

credit unions, time deposits, the cash value of your life insurance, the current value of savings bonds, how much
you could withdraw from employee profit-sharing plans and retirement programs, and the current cash value of
stocks, mutual fund shares, bonds, or other securities. Add in any accrued interest when listing the values of these

Also list the market value of your home and any other real estate you own. Include the value of your car, household
goods, jewelry, art works, antiques, and anything else you could convert into cash; evaluate items at the price
for which you could sell them, not at their current retail price. Include any money you are owed and can reasonably
expect to collect.


Now list your liabilities: the current amounts of outstanding loans, such as mortgage and car loans; how much
you owe on credit cards, bank cards, and other installment debts; how much you owe in nonwithheld income and real
estate taxes; your college tuition commitments for your children; and all other outstanding debts and financial commitments.

Total the two columns and subtract your liabilities from your assets. The result is your net worth.