How to deal with unconsciousness wake up

On the spot emergency treatment

Get medical help right away for anyone who is “out cold,” drowsy, disoriented, or unresponsive to strenuous efforts to rouse him. These are all levels of unconsciousness. Check the person for a medical alert tag, bracelet, or card.

If the person has no pulse and isn’t breathing (no rise and fall of the chest, no perceptible exhaled breath, a bluish skin tone) or if breathing is labored, begin resuscitation immediately (see CPR). If breathing is normal, or when it becomes so, move the victim into the recovery position. In this position, he can breathe freely. is less likely to inhale vomit, and will be relatively comfortable.

Caution: Do not move a person into the recovery position if he has a head injury or a possible neck injury. Stay with the victim. Once a minute check his breathing. When help arrives, treatment of the cause of unconsciousness can begin.