How to clean, restore and maintain pewter metal?

Art alloy of tin, antimony, and copper, modem pewter (Britannia metal) resists tarnish and needs only an occasional wash in soapy water. Rinse the item well and dry it with a soft cloth.

Polish moderm or old pewter by applying commercial pewter cleaner as directed on the container. Or make your own modern pewter restorer: for matte finishes, mix a paste of pumice and water (a brighter matte), or rottens tone and vegetable oil (a duller matte); for shiny surfaces use automobile polish or mix a paste of powdered whiting and alcohol.

To maintain old pewter, just dust, then burnish with a soft cloth. The tin and lead in old pewter may cause it to develop a brown tarnish. A bath in washing soda may help to remove this. Because of the lead, don’t eat or drink from old pewter utensils.