How to clean a self-cleaning oven or a continuous cleaning oven?

Many ovens offer a self-cleaning feature. Refer to the owner’s manual for your model and follow instructions to the letter. When the cleaning cycle is finished, a light gray ash remains on the oven floor.

Wipe it away with a sponge. Don’t attempt to burn the charred food off pots and pans with the self-cleaning setting. The oven system cannot handle this task.

A continuous-cleaning oven has a special lining that converts spattered grease into water and carbon dioxide whenever you use the oven. Even so, heavier spills that drip onto the oven floor must be scrubbed away. When baking, protect the floor with aluminum foil directly under pans that are likely to drip. Clean up any spills quickly. If you must scrub the oven floor, use washing soda, ammonia (in an electric oven), or dry dishwasher soap. Don’t use abrasives, steel wool, or commercial oven cleaners.