How to care for and grow jade trees

A houseplant for cool rooms. A succulent that looks like a miniature tree with glossy green, spoonshaped leaves, the jade tree withstands temperatures as low as 45°F.

In summer, the plant does well at normal warmer temperatures. But from fall to spring, it prefers a temperature around 70°F during the day and 50°F to 60°F at night. It likes several hours of direct sun by a south window during its spring and summer growth period. It also does well in filtered or bright, indirect light.

Water the plant moderately; let twothirds of the soil dry out between waterings. Fertilize monthly from April to July with liquid plant food diluted to half the recommended strength. During the winter, keep it in a bright area and water sparingly. Repot in early spring every 2 or 3 years; it tolerates a root-bound condition well. Use a mix of 1 part each loam, peat moss or leaf mold, and coarse sand or perlite. Or mix 1 part sand or perlite to 3 parts general purpose potting soil. Propagate a jade tree by leaf or stem cuttings in spring or summer.