How to calm youself instantly

Many stress-reducing methods are designed to untangle knots after you are stressed. The Instant-Calming Sequence is a technique you can use beforehand, in a potentially stressful situation.

Train yourself to continue breathing normally. Most of us stop breathing for a few seconds in a stressful situation. This reduces oxygen to the brain and can fuel feelings of anxiety, panic, and anger.

Keep a smile on your face. A positive facial expression, no matter what your mental state, may increase blood flow to the brain and help with the transmission of key nerve impulses for preventing feelings of distress. And even a slight smile will help you stay in a positive mood.

Keep good upright posture. Many of us collapse into a slouch when confronted with stress. This restricts breathing, reduces blood flow, and causes muscle tension.

Take a tension inventory. Make a quick check for any parts of your body that may be tightening with stress, from your forehead to your toes. Then consciously release that tension.

Keep your mind calm and clear. Thoughts of blame or helplessness will only contribute to a loss of control of the situation. Simply accept what is happening and choose a wise response.