How to build a saw horse

This is also called a “saw buck” or “trestle.” It is very useful for sawing wood. And if you are ambitious enough to make a pair of them, you’ll find endless uses-such as laying across large boards and forming a scaffold (for wallpapering or other wall and ceiling repairs). Be sure that the legs are strong and are well braced to give a sturdy base and keep from turning over.

To make the saw horse, first cut one leg, with the proper degree of slant at top and the necessary degree of slant at bottom. Use a T-square to get required angles. When you’re satisfied that it will stand properly, use it as a pattern to saw the other three legs. Cut the top strip, and nail the four legs to it, in pairs, the tops of the legs coming flush with the top of the board.

Now nail two side braces to the legs, then saw off the ends to match the slant of the legs. Then nail the two long braces, making sure the ends come flush with the slanted ends of the two shorter braces on the sides.

How to make a waster basket
In the home workshop a rack for holding a bag into which can be thrown wastepaper, cans, and rags, is a handy thing to build.

Nail two uprights on wall, then a board of similar width over them. Cut the two projecting boards and nail them to the top board. Cut the two diagonal supports, with proper angles at both ends so they fit under the arm and against the bottom of the wall support. Nail to the arm, then to the support.

Screw hooks into the back and arm strips, or drive in nails which you then bend upwards, and hang a strong burlap or canvas bag on them.