How to avoid mite infestation? How to protect people, pets and houseplants from mites?

Mites infest houseplants, pets, and sometimes human beings. Invisible to the naked eye, they are often detected only after they’ve caused damage.

When mites attack human beings, they cause itching and redness. In furred animals, mites cause mange and runny, itchy ears. Any infestation should be treated immediately by a physician or a veterinarian.

In houseplants To detect spider mites on plants, hold a sheet of white paper under a discolored leaf and tap the leaf gently. If mites are present, you will see tiny moving specks on the paper. Signs of infestation in plants vary with different kinds of mites. Cyclamen mites may cause leaves to twist or curl-and can produce deformities in buds and flowers; cut off the damaged parts and submerge the entire plant in 110°F water for 15 minutes.

False spider mites cause brownish spots on leaf veins; spray with dicofol three times, 10 days apart. Spider mites spin webs on a plant and cause light, yellowish spots on the leaves; spray vigorously with water to clean leaves and spray the next day with malathion or dicofol.