How do you add fiber to what you eat diet

How much fiber should be eaten every day? A. As with most dietary recommendations, moderation is the key to the healthful use of fiber. It is not a cure-all, and adding fiber to an unbalanced diet will do little or no good. While research into its full impact on the human diet continues, fiber should form just one important part of a balanced diet chosen from a variety of wholesome foods.

What are some recommended ways to add fiber to meals? A gradual increase in high-fiber foods – particularly complex carbohydrates – along with a decrease in the amount of animal fats and refined sugars is the recommended way to improve fiber intake.

To benefit from all types of fiber, eat a wide variety of foods, and remember it is essential to drink liquids. Have raw vegetables and, where possible, unpeeled fruits as snacks, desserts, or in meals, and try to eat a salad every day. For even more fiber, look for whole-grain breads, cereals, and other baked goods and use whole-grain flours whenever possible for homebaking.