How do football players arm tackle

ANNOUNCER Football game announcers today whether just announcing over a public address system, radio or television are assisted by player spotters from each team plus ingenious visual aids and quick reference devices that resemble the Chinese abacus.

ANNUAL FOOTBALL CLASSICS In addition to the Army-Navy, Army-Notre Dame, Harvard-Yale, Stanford-California, UCLA-SC, Michigan-Michigan State, Tulane-LSU, Texas-Baylor rivalries there are the Blue-Gray North and South games and the Shrine East-West classic for the benefit of crippled children.

APPRENTICESHIP Making the grade as a Pro-Football Quarterback can be compared to the apprenticeship or internship, as it is called, by a young surgeon. It often takes him 7 years of study ( High School and College) plus 3 years understudy to the starting quarterback before he is ready for his entry into this profession.

ARM IN CROTCH BLOCK This is perhaps the sneakiest block in offensive football. takes a real actor to pull this one. The lineman has to make it look like he is falling as he stretches out his arm between an opponent’s legs. If he doesn’t grab a leg which draws a holding penalty, he may get “cleated.” This block is strictly illegal.

ARM JOB A defensive maneuver in which an offensive blocker is thrown or pulled out of the defender’s way so that the defense may have a clear shot at the ball carrier. An offensive man would call a man who did this a “thrower.”

ARM TACKLE If he can’t lock both arms around the ball carrier. by grabbing his own wrist he loses leverage and the slowing power of his body weight. A one arm tackle is usually one of desperation.