How can you tell which way a TV antenna is pointing

There are two considerations in determining the direction an antenna is looking just as there are two considerations in determining the direction you are looking while you are wearing polarized sun glasses.

You know that light travels in all planes 360 around. When you don the glasses they obliterate all glare from above and below and the only light that passes through them is on a horizontal plane. If you should lie on your side you would be rotating the polarized glass and then the only light that passed through the glasses would be on a vertical plane. In addition to the polarization the other consideration is actual nautical direction, north, south, east or west.

Since TV waves are of the same nature as light waves the antenna direction is considered in both polarized and nautical terms.

Radio waves are propagated in a vertical polarized fashion – TV waves in a horizontal fashion. Radio antennas are straight up and down. TV antennas stand arms outstretched, the line elements broadside to the transmitter.