How can you protect yourself from hearing loss

Loud noises can damage fragile hairlike structures in the inner ear, which pick up and transmit sound to the brain. The longer the exposure to noise and the louder it is, the more damage will be done to these cells. Here are ways to protect your hearing:

Keep the volume of your radio and TV turned as low as possible. Your hair dryer could also cause hearing damage. Keep it on the middle setting, or shop for a low-noise model.

Cover your ears when ambu lances go by or when the subway train approaches.

When moving, choose a quiet neighborhood. People who live near a source of loud noise – such as an airport – may believe they are used to it, but they are likely to be tense and to have rapid heart rates. Such stress leads to headaches and irritability.

Avoid buying children toys that make loud or irritating noises. If you can’t tolerate the sound of the toy next to your own ear for 20 seconds, don’t buy it.