How and what to feed a bird

Supply your bird with ample food and water. Birds deprived of either food or water die in 24 to 48 hours. When you are going away for several days, get a weekend feeder that dispenses food and water over a period of time. Feed budgies and Java sparrows regular budgie food.

Zebra and society finches have smaller beaks and need the smaller finch-seed mixture. Canaries require more fat in their diet and should be fed canary seed. All of these are available at pet shops.

In addition to seed, offer the bird a small portion of leafy greens twice a week. Your bird will also benefit from occasional treats, including fruit, peanut butter, or hard-cooked eggs. Give your bird vitamins daily. They are available in powdered form to be mixed with the seed or in liquid form to be added to the water.

Since birds need grit to digest their food, scatter a little granite gravel, plain or mixed with ground oyster shell, on the floor of the cage. Attach a cuttlebone to the side bars so that the bird can keep its beak trim. Training a bird